Foodie heaven @ BBC Good Food


For the last two weeks I’ve been working and breathing everything Good Food. I was lucky enough to be accepted for two weeks of work experience with the lovely team at the BBC. My first week was spent doing lots of research and brain storming around food trends in order to create ideas for the January issue of the magazine. Obviously, I can’t go into too much detail as that will ruin the excitement come January!

All the team were lovely, even the big bosses were extremely helpful and I always had lots of interesting and varied tasks to carry out throughout the week.

Things got really interesting when I had the chance to work in the Test Kitchen. Sophie, the Cookery writer was wonderful! She let me get really stuck in, testing different recipes, altering timings and making adaptations were I felt necessary. I was given a lot of freedom to go for it without fear of being judged for making mistakes. I learnt a hell of a lot both from being in the kitchen and working with Sophie. By the end of the week,  I’d tested five or six different recipes and tasted ALL of them (plus all the others Sophie tested too). I was completely stuffed. Not a good place to work if you’re on a diet!

Along with all the cooking I also got the opportunity to attend some exclusive foodie events. A pastry masterclass with three-Michelin star chef Joakim Prat means I should now be able to make the perfect choux pastry (well hopefully)! The skill and attention to detail that goes into creating one eclair is phenomenal. For the first month of his job Joakim’s sous chef spent his days piping eclairs, only for them to be thrown away because they weren’t up to scratch. Mad.  After discovering the man hours required to produce one beautiful little eclair or chouquette, I will definitely be making a visit to their new Soho shop. It’s seriously Instagram worthy.

I was also lucky enough to attend an evening at Caravan city, a new  site that the restaurant chain opened opened last week. The team, headed by Miles Kirby, gave us a pizza making masterclass followed by a tonne of food. My favourite dish from the evening was the blue cheese and peanut wontons with sticky soy, a Caravan original. The Jalapeno corn bread with chipotle butter, coriander and lime was also a treat.  It was blue cheese overload for me that evening as I chose a squash and blue cheese pizza for my main; a decision I was very happy with as I devoured pools of gooey cheese and crispy pizza base.


It’s been two weeks of serious cooking, learning and eating for me and I’ve loved every minute!


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