Home Comforts

After almost a year away from home, I’m back! I’ve had a life changing year living in France and Greece; its been filled with lots of hard work and equal amounts of fun.  From skinny dipping in the Ionian at 3am to skiing in the alps surrounded by metres of soft fluffy powder. I’v learnt how to windsurf, I’ve learnt how to pull a pint (more of an art than you think!) and I’ve learnt how to deal with a shower that struggles to meet even the expectations of a cold tap. I also think I’ve learnt a lot about what I want from life and where I want to go next. The simplicity of living on a tiny Island that isn’t unfamiliar with fifteen hour power cuts and serious storms, is surprisingly fulfilling. I popped onto my laptop at one point in the season and realised I had logged on for over two months! The minimalism of the local’s lifestyle is something I would definitely like to carry into my own life at home. (Within reason of course, if I don’t reply to emails for two months in the UK people will think I’m dead or I’ve been kidnapped!) I’ll definitely be trying to limit the amount I scroll through social media or watch pointless TV programmes.

Anyway, I’m very excited to be back, I’ve just spent the last two weeks in London doing work experience with BBC Good Food, which has been extremely insightful. I met a lot of lovely people and ate A LOT of delicious food. I’ll be writing a post about the experience very soon… But for now it’s great to be back and I’ve got lots of new and exciting recipes coming your way!


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