I’m off to the Alps

Next week I embark on a little adventure to the Alps. I’m heading to the mountains to work for a season as a Chalet host. As the days go by I’m getting more and more excited at the prospect of  cooking, cleaning, skiing and partying away the next five months in a beautiful ski resort. Of course, I’ve got a little ball of nervousness that’s been dancing around my stomach as my departure gets ever close, but its one of those good feelings of apprehension and adrenaline that builds when you know whats to come is going to be incredibly exciting.

Before reaching my resort I’ll be taking part in a ten day training course with the rest of the company’s staff. Here’s hoping that afterwards I’ll be a wizz at cooking up three different main courses, whilst playing host AND keeping on top of the washing up! As I am writing about it I can feel the excitement building. You are probably thinking god she’s mad to be excited about that. But I love hosting, I love creating food that puts a smile on people’s faces, the feeling that comes with knowing that your food has brought people together. Each week I’ll be playing a part in an event which families savour, I’ll be playing a part in the magic of taking a holiday. Who knows, I may be imaging what its going to be like all wrong, but hopefully this is what my season will be all about.

As I head off on my adventure, I am not sure if I will be able to keep up my food posts! Working six days a week means its going to be pretty difficult to fit in cooking up my own creations as well as all the various meals I have to provide for my guests.

So, maybe for a  while this blog will become a little diary of my travels (rather than a food blog)…I can’t wait to tell you all about it!


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