Moroccan Squash Salad

As well as the delicata squash, I also bought an Ambercup squash which looks like a miniature (really cute) pumpkin. Its flavour is sweet, but unlike the delicata the flesh is a lot stronger. After having a scroll through Pinterest and Instagram I really fancied a moroccan style dish as I thought the sweet Moroccan flavours would compliment the sweetness of the Ambercup well.

Really, it was just a case of pimping up my roasted veg salad, but a few additional and less obvious ingredients make a massive difference to its flavour. I added some sultanas to my cous cous, I roasted by squash with a little cinnamon, concocted a dressing of spices mixed with lemon and olive oil and added some pomegranate seeds for additional bursts of sweetness and a little crunch. The combination was delicious and made for a lunch filled with flavour.

Serves 2


The Salad:

80g cous cous

1 Ambercup squash (diced)

1/2 courgette (sliced)


Pomegranate seeds (from one pomegranate)

Feta (a few cubes)

Spinach (handful)

The dressing: 

Juice of half a lemon

3 Tbsp. olive oil.

pinch of ground coriander

pinch of ground cumin

pinch of paprika

Salt and pepper


1.Preheat the oven to 200c. Roast the squash on a lined baking tray for 35mins, add the courgette after 10 mins.

2. Whilst the veg is cooking, add boiling water mixed with a touch of vegetable stock to the cous cous and allow it to be absorbed.

3. You can also prepare the dressing whilst you wait. Add the dressing ingredients to an old jam jar, put the lid on and shake (carefully, sometimes the jar may leak). Set aside for later on.

4. I decided to layer my salad in a large re-used jam jar so that I could take it to work with me the next day. I began with a layer of cous cous with a handful of sultanas and a splash of dressing added to it.

5.Then came the squash pieces, followed by a layer of spinach leaves. On top of these I added the courgette slices, then a layer of crumbled feta cheese and finally a layer of pomegranates.

6. I drizzled with more dressing and then left it in the fridge ready for the next day!


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