Super Seed Protein Loaf


After how much fun I had making flatbread last week I have been desperate to try out another bread recipe. I’ve always wanted to have a batch of fresh bread ready to go during the week. It makes your weekday lunch a little bit special; whether you pair it with a bowl of piping hot soup or with a mackerel filet and salad (like I did the other day). So, when I came across Jamie Oliver’s recipe for this protein loaf and found that it was loaded with various different seeds (of which I had loads of half filled packets left in my cupboard) and was great for filling you up post-workout, it had to be made!

I changed the recipe a little. Rather than using chickpea flour, because I didn’t have any in and because I wanted the bread to be something I could make using your store cupboard essentials, I used wholemeal flour. It was still delicious and incredibly filling, I couldn’t manage two slices and I am a carb fanatic.

Click here to view Jamie’s original recipe.


2016-10-10 (5).png


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