The Value of Food

Food is extremely underrated in our country. As a  21st century society,  we are failing to see the importance of ‘dinner time’. Here is why food is of the highest value in our house:

My childhood memories are almost always centred around a meal. My days spent at my grandparents house come to life as I remember sitting around the kitchen table waiting patiently as our dishes of lasagna were left to cool on the doorstep; our grandma giggling as she told us our next door neighbour’s dog had eaten it. In our house, we reminisce over long-ago holidays by talking about what we ate. Spain is evoked by the huge dishes of piping hot paella we devoured on a sandy beach. Thailand is remembered for the little restaurant we visited where we enjoyed the most delicious seabass perched on tiny stools and rickety table on the roadside, with the entire meal costing just £30 for five people (including a bottle of wine!). Skiing trips are made unforgettable due to the memory of stacks of waffles covered with fresh berries and ice cream, which we devoured on a pit stop half way down the mountains.

Even on a regular week spent at home, come Friday lunchtime, all of us (wherever they are, be it work or school) are over-excited as we ponder upon what dishes we will enjoy for our meal that evening. Almost all of our Friday evenings are spent cooking up a number of dishes  as a  family and enjoying them slowly with copious amounts of wine, music, conversation and laughter.

You might be thinking, why on earth are they  so bothered about food? You’re not alone. My Grandma can’t get her head around it either, she thinks we are  unhealthily obsessed. We probably are, but our obsession comes not merely from wanting to eat the delicious tuna salad Mum has made, but from the enjoyment of the whole process.

We spend our Thursday evenings deciding on recipes. We spend on Friday evenings working together to create the different dishes. We sit around talking about the events of our week as we wait for the roasted veg to cook or for the rice to come to the boil. We poke fun at Dad’s terrible playlist which is stuck on repeat in between courses. We drink a bit too much wine, because dinner never ends up ready on time.  In the end the food is delicious and that’s great, but what is more important is the effect that eating, the event of  ‘dinner time’ has had on us all. We are living in a society that is more fast paced than ever. A lot of the time it seems like we barely have chance to breathe. Sitting down for dinner might be the only chance we get to have proper conversation as a family that day. Food brings us together, and so for me it is of the highest value.

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