Another day another salad.

I always used to be adverse to salad. Whether it be as a simple lunch or an option on a Restaurant menu, I would stir well clear. Mainly because my idea of salad was bland lettuce leaves, tasteless tomatoes, a serious lack of satisfaction and grumbling hunger pains afterwards. However, over the past year or two my opinion of salad has changed massively. The reason I hated it was because I lacked creativity when making it. Now, since going to university it has become a staple of my diet. I love thinking up how I can concoct my leftovers into an interesting and tasty salad for lunch or dinner. Whether it be mixing roasted veggies with couscous and balsamic dressing or using a simple bag of mixed leaves with a tin of tuna and a boiled egg.

Today’s salad was genuinely a mixture of what was left in the fridge (which wasn’t much as we’re trying to waste less food!) and even I was slightly sceptical of the outcome. Here is what I had to work with:

1 egg

Iceburg Lettuce

Bag of mixed leaves

Cherry tomatoes

Buffalo Mozzerella balls

Half an avocado (which was going slightly off, but if you just cut away the brown bits your good to go!)

Sunflower seeds

IMG_1636 (2).JPG

I simply soft boiled my egg, chopped up all the other ingredients and added a dressing of balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Although a random mixture, the result was a fresh, tasty salad with no shop brought dressings or preservatives. It took less than  10 mins to make and didn’t require any fancy ingredients!

So now I’m a salad lover, throwing together your favourite ingredients or seeing what you can create with your left overs is anything but boring!


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