Falafel disaster, turned falafel frittata.

Yesterday evening I decided to try making falafel, for the second time. My last attempt ended in a pile of crumbly chick pea mixture and one burger shaped pattie covered in oil. It didn’t taste good.

During my first attempt I had been guilty of assuming that in order to create a brown crispy outside you need lots of oil and a piping hot pan, but this just ends in oil spitting everywhere and very burnt falafel!  I was confident that my second attempt would be much more successful as I had learnt from these mistakes. How wrong could I be! As a result, this isn’t really a recipe post but more of a step-by-step account of how I turned my crumbly mess (you definitely couldn’t call it falafel) into something appetising.

This time I tried my hand at pea falafel – a slightly different take on the classic chick pea recipe – which I had seen browsing the internet.


1 large white onion

1 tsp ground cumin

1 tsp  chilli paste

pinch of salt

Salt and pepper for seasoning

500g peas

1 egg

110g breadcrumbs

Flour (to cover the falafel balls)

Serves 5

1.Firstly, I fried onions in olive oil with cumin, chilli puree and salt.

2. Next I blended this mixture with 500g of peas and then used a soup blender to create a thick paste. Up to this point it was going well. However, I then added two eggs and the mixture became too runny. Despite then adding 110g of bread crumbs, it was still too sloppy.

3. Although I had a feeling that the consistency was too much of a liquid for the falafel to stick together I attempted to fry each one. The result was a crumbly mess…I had to get thinking of how I was going to make something edible for dinner out of it.

4. I decided to fry off all the falafel mixture, place it in an oiled, heatproof dish and bake it in the oven for 10-15mins until it was warmed through. What resulted was a frittata style bake which tasted good and was alot easier to create than your regular falafel balls.

5. I served the falafel frittata with homemade flatbreads (recipe to come) and homemade Tzatziki and it turned out to be a pretty delicious meal!

So I’m pretty glad this little culinary disaster occurred as I think I now know what is required to create the perfect falafel (famous last words). Next time I’ll be adding just 1 egg to the mixture (hence 1 egg listed in the ingredients) and  I will be covering each ball in a layer of flour…  AND I’ve created a new little dish that I would definitely make again.


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