What I want this blog to be…


Breakfast a couple of days ago; Scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and grilled asparagus.

his morning I woke up thinking I need to make sure I keep my blog updated as often as possible. I don’t want people getting bored. But as I was thinking I realised that, more important that is for this to blog to be realistic and honest. I see so many food blogs describing how quick and easy their smoothie bowl is to make when you’ve got no time or that it took them seconds to create the prettiest salad complete with edible flowers. And, to be honest a lot of the time I find these claims hard to believe!

For the big names in the food blogging industry, what was once a hobby is now their career, their day is spent creating and photographing food. Which is great! We get to scroll through delicious looking dishes on Instagram and try out their creative new recipes. However, I want my food blog to show the meals I make up on a daily basis to fit around my job, my family and my social life.

Although it is a big part of it (mainly because I live to eat!), food does not take over my life. Sometimes I don’t have time to make up breakfast, I’ll manage a good old fashioned banana and a cup of tea. On these days I probably won’t post anything, on other days I might manage a breakfast that requires no cooking but is worth 10 mins less in bed! My main aim is for this blog to be an honest portrayal of how food fits into my life, like with what we eat it is all about balance…


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