Sundays are for Brunching…

img_1152I currently spend the majority of my weekends working, so when I do get to enjoy a Sunday off, it is spent eating too much and doing very little! Therefore, brunch is the perfect mid-morning meal for me after I’ve spent the morning in bed!  I like to make something that is a little bit more interesting than your usual, rushed weekday breakfast. For yesterday’s brunch, as with all my food, I wanted to keep things simple. So with that in mind, I decided to jazz up my usual avocado on toast!


In my house the weekend isn’t the weekend without a fancy loaf of bread. Having one hanging around  means your always able to turn a regular sandwich into something seriously yummy. I opted for a kind of veggie stack, keeping it healthy and balanced with a combination of fresh veg and a poached egg.

1.This weekends loaf of choice was a sourdough, a hard crust bread with a slightly tangy taste; one of my favourites as it seems to go with pretty much everything!  I toasted two slices and drizzled with olive oil to create  a yummy sandwich base.

2. Next I spread half an avocado across one side of the toast and then placed a couple of sliced tomatoes on top. I then poached an egg. My trick to creating the perfected poached egg is simply a drizzle of white wine vinegar into a pan of boiling water. As long as you crack your egg quickly into the pan there is no need for any spinning or swirling of water!  I leave mine to cook for 3 minutes.

3. Finally, soak up any water which remains on the egg with a piece of kitchen roll and then place on top of your avocado and tomato stack. Add your second piece of sourdough and there you have it! Add seasoning to taste and if you like a sprinkle of coriander plus a dash of olive oil.

It really is that easy! With very little cooking,  you’ve got yourself that something special for your Sunday brunch!


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