What is healthy?


I’m not really into all these recipes that replace regular ingredients for expensive and  ‘healthier’ alternatives. For me, its okay to enjoy a cake that actually contains sugar or a salad with serious amounts of cheese that is drowned in a super calorific dressing. It’s all about balance. We should be able to enjoy a 600 calorie piece of cake as long as were able to stop at just one piece. Trying to restrict yourself, for example, trying not to eat certain food types, (which seems a very popular lifestyle choice at the moment), just seems stupid to me. That kind of diet might work in the short-term,but I really believe that it isn’t sustainable in the long-term. I think the most important part of enjoying a healthy diet is cooking from scratch, using as few processed products and ingredient as possible. Fresh, home cooked food, whether your mums chocolate brownies or your healthy humus, if its created by you, then it should be part of your diet!  If we revert back to the age-old motto of ‘everything in moderation’ I think we will all live healthier and happier lives!


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